Conflict Mediation for World Learning Academic Year Programs

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DescriptionCourt Dorsey and Debbie Lynangale perform a short skit to describe the conflict mediation process.

World Learning created this video to explain the rich complexities of intercultural communication. This may be especially relevant for those families and exchange students adjusting to one another during a homestay experience. Mediation Solutions in Brisbane

By understanding intercultural communication, those trouble spots can offer tremendous potential for self-reflection, learning, and growth.

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Mediation Method of Conflict Resolution

Halo disputes are the worst…Someone needs to mediate this situation and tell these guys to ‘put a little love in it’!

Day 2 Encina High School Conflict Mediation Training

Day 2 of the Conflict Mediation Training at Encina High School with 30+ youth mediators working in partnership with Encina HS counselors & administration.

Akasha Stiles in Munchkin Mediation: Conflict Resolution in Oz

3rd grade play at Herman Leimbach Elementary

Workplace Mediation: Broadly defining workplace conflict (conflict is not always negative).

How to Resolve Conflict Through Family Mediation Services

Have you experienced conflict in the workplace, possibly with a neighbor or home with a spouse of family member?

Have to tried to resolve your conflict on your own and simply not been successful?

Maybe you have tried to involve a 3rd party to help resolve the issue such as you HR department or maybe counseling at your local church or with a family therapist?

If you have tried to involve these individuals and if they have failed, If you are at the end of your rope and looking for real help, then look no further. iChat Mediation is here to help.

We are Supreme Court certified conflict resolution specialists and have been trained and certified to resolve all types of conflict
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Family Law Mediation

In this session, I want to talk to you about mediation. In fact, this is the first of three alternative methods for resolving family law disputes that I will do videos on.

Read the transcript here:

Alternative Dispute Resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, can be preferable for individuals or families experiencing disputes. There are a variety of reasons for this. These processes can also be more cost-effective and efficient, because the timing is controlled by the parties and their lawyers, as opposed to Judges and Court staff.

Alternatives to Court also tend to be less conflict-ridden and more client-centered in terms of resolving the dispute and they often result in a compromise willingly arrived at by both parties. Ultimately, the parties can be put into a position where they can craft a solution that is tailored to the particular circumstances of their case, whereas through the Court system, the ultimate resolution is rarely subject to mutual customization.

Transformative Mediation – Conflict Masters

What is transformative mediation and why it is often so appropriate for workplace conflicts.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution Program

For more information on the program, follow the link below or call: (877) GO-HILLS

Workplace Mediation in Action – Conflict Masters

Watch the conflict between Trevor and Sue develop and see how mediation resolved their issues.

This video demonstrates what happens in mediation, the mediation process and the role of the mediator.

Aim4Peace Conflict Mediation

Conflict Mediation video for Aim4Peace