Conflict Mediation for World Learning Academic Year Programs

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DescriptionCourt Dorsey and Debbie Lynangale perform a short skit to describe the conflict mediation process.

World Learning created this video to explain the rich complexities of intercultural communication. This may be especially relevant for those families and exchange students adjusting to one another during a homestay experience. Mediation Solutions in Brisbane

By understanding intercultural communication, those trouble spots can offer tremendous potential for self-reflection, learning, and growth.

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High Conflict Child Custody: Mediation And Settlement

In this video I discuss the dynamics and the psychology of settlement. This is one of the first challenges I faced in my child custody dispute and it really blindsided me.

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Peterson v. Peterson:…

Elder Mediation: A Solution for Families at War

Elder Mediation-a Solution for Families at War (3 minutes) looks at a
typical family conflict over the care of an aging parent, and shows how a
mediator can help bring disputing siblings together to work out a solution.
This brief video illustrates how a court battle can be avoided through using
mediation. A vulnerable senior’s choices and quality of life are at stake
in this volatile battle for control between his adult children.

Peer Mediation Conflict Resolution in Schools Student Manual

Narrative Mediation A New Approach to Conflict Resolution

Munchkin Mediation: Conflict Resolution (ending)

FULL LENGTH 43-MINUTE VIDEO is available to this following link:

Elvis Kintu Nsonyi at work. Role Play Dialogue, Mediation and Conflict resolution.

Elvis Kintu Nsonyi at work. Dialogue, Mediation and Conflict resolution.

The essential Guide to Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Phillip Taylor’s review of a Kogan Page publication on rebuilding workplace relationships by Nora Doherty & Marcelas Guyler

Mediator in Arnhem Nijmegen en Wijchen bij mediation bij conflict

Voor een mediator bij geschillen over arbeid, incasso, huur in Arnhem, Nijmegen en Wijchen. Bel voor meer informatie over wat mediation voor u kan betekenen met 0800-4455000

Bel voor een vrijblijvende kennismaking met mediation bij arbeidsgeschillen (ontslag, ziekte, arbeidsongeschiktheid, reintegratie), burenruzie, mediation bij letselschade of incasso.

Mediation Gold Coast – Conflict Resolution in Organisations

Mediation Gold Coast – Misunderstandings often happen in large groups such as organisations. To solve the issue, conflict resolution should be done to restore relations between persons involved. The approach to resolving the problem depends on how the parties deal with the conflict.
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Professor Bush Highlights the Use of Transformative Mediation in Family Law Disputes

In Part 3 of Hofstra Law School’s Video Viewpoints series featuring Professor Robert A. Baruch Bush, he analyzes a case study demonstrates how transformative mediation can be used to successfully settle a family law dispute. Professor Bush is the Harry H. Rains Distinguished Professor of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Settlement Law and the co-founder and president of the board of directors for the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation at Hofstra Law School.