Conflict Mediation for World Learning Academic Year Programs

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DescriptionCourt Dorsey and Debbie Lynangale perform a short skit to describe the conflict mediation process.

World Learning created this video to explain the rich complexities of intercultural communication. This may be especially relevant for those families and exchange students adjusting to one another during a homestay experience. Mediation Solutions in Brisbane

By understanding intercultural communication, those trouble spots can offer tremendous potential for self-reflection, learning, and growth.

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My conflict resolution experience – Approaching mediation – Stephen O’Rourke, Advocate

Practicing Advocate Stephen O’Rourke talks about how he uses an understanding-based model of mediation to resolve conflict in both family and commercial settings when dealing with disagreements.

“Workplace Conflict? Call the Mediator” – Linda Toyo Obayashi, The World Bank Group, USA

Linda Toyo Obayashi, attorney mediator, is currently the Senior Mediation Officer for The World Bank Group Internal Justice System. Obayashi’s experience as a mediator includes cases involving employment, commercial, and domestic matters. Ms. Obayashi has mediated well over 1000 cases for state and federal courts and agencies. A few of the rosters she has served on include: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, United States Congress-Office of Compliance, and the Federal Shared Neutrals Program. She has also provided training to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Department of Agriculture.

Linda Toyo Obayashi was a Keynote Speaker at the IAFOR North American Conference on the Social Sciences 2104 (NACSS2014) and the IAFOR North American Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment 2014 (NACSEE2014). In her Keynote Speech Ms. Obayashi discusses how mediators can help resolve workplace conflicts. The interdisciplinary field of Conflict Resolution continues to evolve and offers a variety of options designed to manage and resolve conflict. Specifically, mediation in the United States and beyond is increasingly recognized as being an efficient and effective tool for saving time and money. Many organizations, agencies, and court systems around the world embrace the process.

Senate team offers to mediate Makueni conflict

The Senate Sessional Committee on Devolved Government will visit Makueni County next week on a mediation mission following a gun battle that left five people injured on Tuesday. Read more via

Cassie’s Mediation (Conflict Resolution)

Professor Tishuk

IRLA – Mediation–The future of conflict & dispute resolution.

Mediation–The future of conflict & dispute resolution.
presented by the Idaho REALTORS Leadership Academy class of 2009

Matthew 18 Conflict Resolution Animation from

This video illustrates the biblical process of interpersonal conflict resolution in a humorous way. Show it to your friends who aren’t getting along. FUNNY! Visit for more information. Companion book “Heavenly Relationships Start on Earth”

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Marsabit conflict mediation team holds first meeting in Nairobi

The team appointed to mediate the conflict in Marsabit has started working by unveiling a heavy itinerary. Led by former speaker Francis Ole Kaparo and Marsabit Senator Yusuf Haji, the committee held a meeting on Thursday with leaders from the county to map the way forward

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution :: Georgina Capetillo

Conflict is all too common among leaders and between individuals and groups in the secular movement. Here, Georgina will discuss methods of dealing with conflict and how to resolve them for everyone involved.

Georgina Capetillo is based out of in New York City. As Howard University alumni, she was awarded a B.A in Philosophy and Political Science. Georgina completed her graduate studies at University of Massachusetts in 2013 with a concentration on Conflict Resolution. . She is also the founder and president of Secular Common Ground, a dispute resolution think tank for secular issues. Her specialties include gender equality, humanist ethics, human rights, secularism, immigration, feminism and civil justice.

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Mediation and Conflict Management

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